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[sticky post] Important sticky post:

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Project 365. Poem 5

We are two parallel lines
never intersecting
I wish we were perpendicular
so we could create a right angle.

Project 365. Poem 4

#4- I consider this one to be unfinished, but it's past the deadline and yeah. Ugh.

This is not a poem
No rhyme, no meter
No reason or theme
No tale of lost love
Or great adventure
On the high seas
It’s not a sonnet
Or an ode
Or even a ballad
No couplets
Or stanzas
No pentameter
Iambic or otherwise

Project 365. Poem 3


I called you today
But you never answered
The voice said your number has been disconnected or is no longer in service
Is this your way of ending our relationship?
Is this your way of saying you want to see other people?
I called your mother
And your father
And you sister too
They each said the same thing. You’re not home.
It’s okay if you don’t want to be with me
I just think there are better ways to be dumped.
I signed up for Trope bingo.

I already have ideas for half of them, so that's good. A couple aren't really in my wheel house, but I like the challenge.

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Project 365. Poem 1

Emily Dickinson wrote 366 poems in 365 days. I am going to do the same thing. One poem a day. Warning: They will be terrible.

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I keep saying I'm going to post more here and not just once a year.

So here's an update on my life.

1. I saw the Hobbit and have a lot of feels about it.

2. I am single again. I'm actually pretty happy about it to be honest. Relationships are way too hard and I am way too selfish.

3. Yeah, I've got nothing. How are you all doing?


National Film Registry

The National Film Registry is accepting public nominations for this year until September 28th. Information is here . You can nominate up to 50 movies, and there a lot to choose from on
this list.

My own list is under the cut:

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So go, nominate and please remember it's the older films that are in most need of saving.


bride of frankenstein
Hana of the Clan Anorexi-Lion

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